Protecting Democracy: Support These Three Virginia Nonprofits This Election Season 

Elections and democracy go hand in hand – without the former, there wouldn’t be the latter.   

For elections to effectively create a just democracy, voting must be accessible to all, and citizens must be participatory, engaged and informed. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Misinformation is rampant, and not everyone has equal access to voting.   

With that in mind and as elections approach – Virginia’s congressional primary on June 18, 2024, and the presidential election on Nov. 5, 2024 – consider supporting one of these three Virginia nonprofits working to protect democracy in the United States.   

Virginia Civics 

Virginia Civics is a nonpartisan organization with a forward-thinking mission: transforming every student in Virginia into an informed, engaged and active citizen and empowering its next generation of leaders. 

It’s dedicated to fostering constitutional literacy, critical thinking and civic engagement by offering professional development opportunities and resources for teachers and hosting annual events such as “We the People” competitions and “Project Citizen” showcases.   

Learn more about Virginia Civics’ programs and how to support here.  

UpVote Virginia 

This nonpartisan, democratic reform organization’s focus is not politics, but instead the voters who are impacted by it, working to answer the question, “Is this good for Virginia voters?”   

UpVote Virginia is dedicated to elevating Virginia voters’ voices through nonpartisan education, advocacy and grassroots engagement. The organization works to empower Virginians and ensure the electoral system accurately represents voters’ wishes, which in turn creates a more inclusive and transparent government.   

Its work transcends beyond election season; it believes civic engagement is a year-round endeavor. Join UpVote Virginia in the constant fight for democracy reform by visiting its website

Virginia Civic Engagement Table 

Through connecting Virginia’s progressive nonprofit organizations and activists, Virginia Civic Engagement Table aims to ensure every voice is heard. It works to build and protect a multi-racial democracy in Virginia, with the full diversity of the commonwealth actively participating, representing and transforming our democracy.   

To do so, Virginia Civic Engagement Table and its partners collaborate to advance equality, justice and opportunity, achieve shared policy victories and engage underrepresented communities in democratic progress.   

Relying on collective, community action, Virginia Civic Engagement Table welcomes volunteers or donations at its website.  

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