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Three Nonprofits to Support this Mental Health Awareness Month

In a society where psychological wellness has historically taken a backseat, several Virginia nonprofits have stepped up to spread awareness about the importance of mental health – recognizing the wellbeing of the community at large is at stake.

This May, which is Mental Health Awareness Month, is an opportune time to shed light on three local organizations in particular. For additional reading and resources, head to our 2022 round-up.

Morgan’s Message

Gainesville-based Morgan’s Message stands out for its commitment to addressing the mental health challenges faced by student-athletes. Founded in memory of passionate lacrosse player Morgan Rodgers, this nonprofit seeks to eliminate stigma and provide resources.

The organization achieves its mission through various initiatives, including workshops, awareness campaigns and partnerships with athletic programs across the country. The Morgan’s Message Program (MMEP) is its most effective peer-to-peer initiative, with 5,019 ambassadors on 1,684 high school and collegiate campuses across the nation and in parts of Canada and Europe.

By focusing on the unifying pressures faced by student-athletes and amplifying their voices, Morgan’s Message creates a supportive community that empowers young athletes to prioritize their mental health alongside their physical prowess— encouraging those struggling to seek help.

You can donate to the cause or learn how to get involved with its ambassador program.

CKG Foundation

Founded in 2014 in Richmond, the CKG Foundation focuses on raising awareness and providing support for teen mental health. The foundation’s mission is to spark conversations about mental health among teenagers, while providing resources and support to those in need.

Through community events, educational programs and its annual SpeakUp 5k race series, the CKG Foundation creates spaces for adolescents to speak openly about mental health, learn coping strategies and support one another. Its work is an important step in helping break down the barriers that often prevent teenagers from seeking help.

CKG is always seeking volunteers to help in its mission.

The Women’s Initiative

The Women’s Initiative, based in Charlottesville, specializes in providing mental health services, education and support tailored specifically for women. Recognizing the unique challenges women face – including higher rates of depression and anxiety – the organization offers a range of services from individual counseling to group therapy and workshops. Its work is grounded in the belief that every woman deserves access to mental health care, regardless of their ability to pay. Being there as women navigate trauma, relationship challenges and life transitions, The Women’s Initiative helps women build resilience and find the road to healing.

You can donate to The Women’s Initiative here, or find volunteer opportunities.

Each organization brings a unique perspective to the complex issue of mental health, offering hope, resources and a sense of community to those it serves. By backing these nonprofits, you contribute to a world where mental health is prioritized, stigma is eradicated and individuals have access to the support they need.

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