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Celebrate Autism Acceptance Month with the Autism Society of Central Virginia

April is Autism Acceptance Month, and what better way to celebrate it than with the Autism Society of Central Virginia (ASCV)?

“April represents an invaluable opportunity to share stories and resources, educate others about autism and issues within the autism community and drive home the importance of acceptance,” said Ann Flippin, executive director of ASCV. “It’s a chance for everyone to learn more and join our movement to create a truly inclusive community for us all.”

With a goal of maximizing community impact to foster acceptance and ignite change, ASCV is hosting two educational events in Richmond this month. 

ASCV April Events

You Have No Idea at the Byrd Theater 

This film event celebrates the power of love and community by sharing the story of Evan James’ journey with autism. The event will take place on April 11 at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are available online for $15. 

Life in the Community Symposium

Designed for parents and caregivers of adults and self-advocates, this symposium provides a chance to explore the concept of “community mapping” through several breakout sessions. Presentations will focus on increasing your quality of life through partnerships and community engagement. The event will take place on April 15 at 9 a.m. Tickets are available online for $25 until April 11. 

This year’s Autism Acceptance Month events aim to increase awareness and understanding through resources and communication, demonstrating the important work that ASCV is doing to build a supportive community for everyone impacted by autism.

“When families join programming, they join a community of support and acceptance, and they know they are not alone on their journeys,” Flippin said.

More about the ASCV

ASCV has served individuals and families impacted by autism for 40 years. Its work values inclusive, compassionate, collaborative and responsive support to improve the lives of people in the Central Virginia autism community. By empowering and advocating for autism acceptance, ASCV has served over 7,000 community members through 368 programs and donated more than $26,500 in scholarships in 2022. 

Under the leadership of Flippin, ASCV’s community presence continues to grow. Her expertise over the past five years has expanded the available programs and services and earned the organization recognition as Autism Society of America’s 2022 Affiliate of the Year. 

To learn more or to get involved during Autism Awareness Month, visit https://ascv.org/resources/aam/ or follow the ASCV on Instagram

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