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2023 Women’s History Month Nonprofit Roundup

Throughout history, women have played a major role in influencing and revolutionizing societal and political issues – often times without receiving adequate recognition. Women’s History Month provides a chance to learn and raise awareness of the diversified woman’s experience and contributions made throughout history. This month, we celebrate Virginia nonprofits that serve girls and women across a variety of issues.

Virginia National Organization for Women (NOW)

Virginia NOW actively defends women’s rights and works toward attaining political and legal equality for all. Serving the commonwealth for over four decades, the nonprofit promotes societal change and increases educational, employment and business opportunities for women.

The organization accomplishes these goals by raising awareness, encouraging women’s participation in politics and collaborating with ally organizations to lobby for change.

Most recently, Virginia NOW joined the Virginia General Assembly 2023 session to lobby for the “Silenced No More Act” that protects employees who speak out on sexual harassment in the workplace.

Women Giving Back

Women Giving Back was founded in 2007 by three women in Sterling, Va., wanting to help sheltered women who lacked appropriate clothing. In its grassroots beginning, the founders took great action in providing free, quality clothing to women in need. By 2011, it moved into its first brick-and-mortar store and now serves more than 24,000 women and children each year.

The organization is hosting its latest community event on March 27 to provide high school students in need with free prom dresses. Women Giving Back accepts women’s and children’s wear and monetary donations.

Junior League of Richmond

Founded in 1926, 59 women committed to finding solutions for problems facing the Richmond community. Members of the Junior League of Richmond work at the forefront of social reform to tackle issues of foster care, human trafficking, juvenile justice, child nutrition and more.

The Junior League of Richmond and Fountain Bookstore are hosting its Annual Book and Author Event on May 4 to raise money for the organization’s philanthropic efforts.

Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project

Virginia’s grassroots abortion fund, Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project, was founded in 2003 to help further reproductive justice by supplying practical and financial support in the commonwealth. The nonprofit offers access to a selection of reproductive choices and resources.

The Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project was designed to assist people with financial and institutionalized barriers by offering abortion services guided by the Reproductive Justice framework. This framework was developed by women of color, in the nationally recognized SisterSong charity, who are most affected by reproductive oppression.

Over time, sexism and misogyny have worked hand in hand to assert institutional gender inequality. But, with the help of women-centric nonprofits, we can make a better, more equal future for all. This Women’s History Month, take the opportunity to uplift the voices of the women in your life, honor the trailblazing women of the past and future and consider getting involved with a local nonprofit.

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