Four Ways to Get More Involved in Your Local Community

Looking to make a difference in 2022? Plugging into your community can be a worthwhile endeavor to help others and to be apart of something bigger than yourself. With so many different ways to help, getting involved can seem overwhelming. Let us help you find the right resources. Your service can help you contribute in a meaningful way and leave an impact on those you touch.

Here are four ways to get more involved in your community:

Nonprofit Affiliation

One of the best ways to leave your mark is directly joining the fight for a cause you’re interested in. Volunteer opportunities and member affiliations are available across many different nonprofit organizations, most of which are looking for passionate individuals who are ready to get to work. Find an issue that you’d like to learn more about, have experience with, or simply connects with you. With a quick search, you can find an organization that might just be a perfect fit.

There is never a shortage of problems that need solving, so finding a cause can be a simple process. Food insecurity, homelessness, child care, elderly care, racial injustice, animal abuse, domestic abuse, and political activism are just a few issues that you can be a part of, and that’s just scratching the surface. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a nonprofit and inquire about more information and how to volunteer.

Volunteer Work

If you’re looking to help anywhere you can, searching for volunteer opportunities might be just what you need. While nonprofit affiliation is a great way to get close to a cause, volunteer work allows you to help in many different areas and in many different ways. These opportunities are available everywhere and are an enriching and worthwhile experience.

There are many databases that compile volunteer opportunities all in one place. For example, HandsOn Greater Richmond offers a select database for organizations offering volunteer work. Check it out here.

Charitable Donations

Sometimes we’d love to help our community but simply don’t have the time to get directly involved. Full-time jobs, family responsibilities, and other commitments may hinder you from offering your time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still help. Charitable donation is a great way to provide the resources organizations need to mobilize effectively.

You may be wondering where to donate and how to make sure your money is being used for the right purpose. Greatnonprofits.org is a database built not only for finding nonprofit organizations, but also credible charities that you can donate to.


Fundraising offers the best of both worlds in terms of fiscal and voluntary contribution. If you’re looking to contribute to an organization but may not have the personal funds to do so, fundraising might be just what you’re looking for. Many nonprofit organizations offer fundraising opportunities hosted by their organizations that you can be apart of. You might also consider undertaking an independent fundraiser with your friends, family, and peers and donate the earnings to a cause of your choice. Some organizations will even provide you with toolkits for your independent fundraiser.

With so many resources you can even start a simple online fundraiser and share it on your social media outlets for donations. Charities have made this especially accessible on Facebook and with a few steps you can be apart of this. Fundraising can be a fun and productive way for you to plug into your community and give back.

Volunteer work, charitable donations, nonprofit affiliation, and fundraising are just a few ways to get involved in your local community. Whatever you choose to do, helping those in need will always be worthy of your time, money, and effort.

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