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LIVE Center creates new language bank to help Spanish-speaking victims

Imagine going through a traumatic experience – a crime committed against you – made worse by the fact that you can’t communicate what happened to the people trying to help you.

That circumstance is a common reality for many in the Hispanic community, but thankfully, Latinos in Virginia Empowerment Center (LIVE Center) is around to help.  After launching its 24/7 hotline in January, the center created a Spanish and English Interpreter Bank (SEIB) so Spanish-speaking victims will never be denied translation services when reaching out for help.

“At the very basis of interpretation, and specifically an interpretation that’s trauma informed, we want to take very careful steps in allowing the survivor to speak for themselves,” said Tomiko Tamashiro Pardo, language access coordinator for SEIB. “The interpreter is not to take sides but is a conduit for what is being said and heard.”

The SEIB is only for certified and qualified interpreters who are trained in trauma-informed services since there’s a specific type of vocabulary when dealing with legal action, police and trauma victimization.

The SEIB is a free resource where victims are offered virtual, phone and in-person services. Spanish-speaking victims can call the LIVE Center’s 24/7 hotline to be set up with an interpreter or partner agencies can reach out on behalf of their clients if an interpreter is needed.

If you think you could help support the SEIB through your services, sign-up for trauma-informed interpreter training. The LIVE Center is holding trainings throughout June 2021.

For more information, about Latinos in Virginia Empowerment Center, visit its website, Facebook or Instagram pages. You can also donate to the organization here.

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