LMR announces new Leadership Quest Class

Free board networking event also coming soon

Drumroll, please….

Leadership Metro Richmond, the region’s community leadership development and engagement organization, just announced this year’s Leadership Quest class. The 58 members – who hail from local governments, nonprofits, schools and companies large and small – join an exclusive alliance of more than 2,000 LMR alumni who share a special commitment to each other and the community at large. 

And curiously enough, no matter their class year, they all are part of “the best class ever.”

Since its founding in 1980 as an organization charged with helping ease racial tensions and build bridges among disparate communities, LMR has seen its share of changes. But what hasn’t changed has been its capacity to develop leaders that serve and help make connections among the region’s diverse population.

“I applied to LMR because I am passionate about meeting and learning from the leaders that make Richmond the place it is today,” says J.C. Poma, vice president of community relations at Richmond Region Tourism and a member of the incoming 2023 class. “I truly believe you can never stop learning from those around you, and I have seen LMR bring together the best of the best year in and year out. I am honored to be included in this year’s class.”

Cynthia Price, associate vice president of media and public relations at the University of Richmond, had a similar motive for applying. “The region has changed and grown in so many exciting ways,” she says. “I want to bring back what I learn to my role at the University of Richmond, which is committed to being a community citizen.”

For many LMR participants, there’s a dual sense of curiosity and commitment toward enriching the community. 

“I applied to LMR because I feel like it is an incredible leadership development opportunity that is focused on the overall vitality of our region and the people who care about supporting that vitality,” offered Lauren Zaller Moore, president and CEO of the Children’s Hospital Foundation. “I am most excited about what I will learn about Richmond and about the people I will meet in this class and throughout the LMR alumni base who share the same values around enriching our community. After living in Richmond for 11 years, I am now in a role where I can not only learn a lot from the experience, but invest in it as well. It is an honor to participate!

Mark Your Calendars

Beyond its core Leadership Quest program, LMR offers other programs to alumni and non-alumni. One upcoming event is LMR’s Board Connector, a twice-yearly free networking event that brings together community leaders in search of board opportunities with local nonprofits, especially those looking to diversify their board composition. 

“We are calling on diverse community leaders interested in service and building a stronger Richmond region to attend our Fall Board Connector, which aims to improve the diversity of leaders engaged with Richmond-area nonprofits.” said Myra Goodman Smith, President & CEO of LMR.  

The evening gathering will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 28 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at The Collaboratory of Virginia Auditorium at UTurn, 2101 Maywill Street, Richmond. The casual, open-house event is free, but registration is required, click here

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