Nikki and Kayley smiling together

Become a Big: Meet Nikki and Kayley

You can make a BIG impact by mentoring through Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS). This week, we’re featuring Big Nikki and Little Kayley and how their relationship has transformed from ‘Big and Little’ to family.

The answers shared by these Bigs have not been edited and are proof of the genuine and important relationships being created in the community.

Little’s Age 13 years old
Match Length 4+ years

Why did you become a Big? How did you first hear about BBBS?

I became a Big after returning to Richmond after graduating college. I knew that I wanted to be more involved in the community, and BBBS was a great way to do that. I really valued and recognized the importance of the adults I had in my life thus far and knew they helped shape me to be the person that I am, and I was excited to serve a similar role for someone else.

What do you feel your responsibilities as a Big are?

I believe being a Big involves many responsibilities that mostly center around being there for your Little. In my experience, I’ve been matched with my Little since she was 9, so I’ve been there for many things, including helping with homework, attending birthday parties, learning more about her background, bonding with her guardian and sibling, having tough conversations and just being an outlet for her to speak her mind and have fun.

Do you have a set day or time you go see your Little?

With COVID, things have changed quite a bit as far as our outings go. We currently keep up with each other via text messaging.

Where are typical places you and your Little go on a match outing? Any new routines with the shift to virtual and social distancing?

Before COVID, my Little’s favorite places for us to go we’re the skating rink and McDonalds, but we also enjoyed going to dinner, the movies and anything art/creativity related!

Pregent Nikki and older Kayley, smiling in front of balloons that say "Oh Baby"
Little Kayley and Big Nikki at Nikki’s baby shower in 2020*

How has being a Big impacted you? Do you have a favorite story about your Little that you will always remember?

The biggest impact for me is that my Little and her family have become like family to me. Not only do we have our outings together, but my Little and her family attended my wedding, my baby shower and then just recently came to visit and meet my first child. This match has become so much more than just my Little and I meeting a few times a month, it involves our families and a greater bond and that means so much to me!

*Photos taken prior to COVID19. As of December 1, 2020; BBBS strongly advises matches to meet virtually.

Being a Big is an impactful commitment that you can start today. Are you ready to be a Big? To learn more about Big Brothers Big Sisters, visit its website or social channels (FacebookTwitter). If you are interested in becoming a Big, visit the Be a Big page to start your journey as well as find information on the upcoming National Mentoring Month campaign.

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