Celebrate this Earth Day by supporting local nonprofits

If there has been any upside from the past year of quarantining and social distancing, it’s without a doubt the increased amount of time that many of us have spent outside in nature. From daily walks to socially distanced outdoor gatherings, Mother Nature was there for us when we needed her most. Now, it’s our turn to give a little love back in return.

In honor of Earth Day, we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of our favorite environmentally oriented nonprofits right here in Virginia. These organizations are going above and beyond to preserve the natural beauty of the commonwealth for generations to come, and for that we couldn’t be more grateful. 

Capital Region Land Conservancy

Based in Richmond, Capital Region Land Conservancy, also known as CRLC, is on a mission to conserve and protect the natural and historic land and waters of Virginia’s capital region for generations to come. Incorporated as a nonprofit in 2005, CRLC was established with the intention of filling the void in nature conservation in the Richmond area. Since then, the conservancy has helped protect over 11,000 acres in the region, including 43 miles of stream and river frontage. CRLC has invited the public to join it in celebrating Earth Day with events all month long – with three events happening after Earth Day, so there’s still time to sign-up!

Environment Virginia Research and Policy Center

From clean drinking water to pristine open spaces, Environment Virginia Research and Policy Center believes in protecting natural resources for generations to come. Environment Virginia Research and Policy Center focuses on educating the public in order to achieve tangible, meaningful results. Some of its most recent research projects include finding solutions to global warming and restoring the Chesapeake Bay.

Virginia Conservation Network

Originally founded as the Conservation Council of Virginia in 1969, Virginia Conservation Network (VCN) started as a roundtable of a few major conservation organizations. Today, the network is made up of over 150 partners from across the commonwealth. Together, the network strives to achieve the common goal of protecting Virginia’s natural resources. VCN’s partners have a wide range of specializations, allowing the network to divide them into four main categories: Healthy Rivers, Clean Energy and Climate, Land Conservation and Land Use and Transportation. By focusing on each of these areas, VCN has had a massive impact on preserving every aspect of Virginia’s natural beauty.

Scenic Virginia Inc.

Anyone who has spent time in Virginia knows that the commonwealth has lots to offer when it comes to scenic beauty. Scenic Virginia Inc. agrees, and was founded in 1998 with the goal of preserving that scenic beauty. In fact, Scenic Virginia is the only conservation organization that is dedicated solely to the preservation, protection and enhancement of the commonwealth’s natural beauty. More specifically, the organization prides itself on the work that it does to preserve the most scenic and significant vistas across the region. So, next time you’re soaking in one of Virginia’s most beautiful views, make a mental note to thank Scenic Virginia for preserving that natural beauty.

To support these organizations, consider donating on their websites: Capital Region Land Conservancy, Environment Virginia Research and Policy Center, Virginia Conservation Network and Scenic Virginia Inc.

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